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# 1 09-01-2005 , 10:41 AM
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MayaVector has dissapeared from my Render Global Settings Window! Can't get it back!

My view won't render in MayaVector and I think it's because I have been working with displacement maps.

In the drop down menu near in 'Render Global Settings' Window, near 'render using' , I now only have 'Maya Hardware' and 'Maya Software'!!!! I don't have MayaVector or the other rendering option (can't remember what the other one was).

How do I get 'MayaVector' back in the 'Render Global Settings' window????

While I'm working with displacement maps?

Even when I open a new empty scene/project I don't have the MayaVector Rendering option anymore.

Not sure what to do user added image

# 2 09-01-2005 , 09:03 PM
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I figured it out

Just found out that my windows memory was running low and crashed some of mayas plug ins, so I just had to reload them all.

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