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# 1 21-07-2005 , 06:49 PM
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Texturing phone-cord

Hi All,
Could anyone please help, I,m trying to texture a pre war
swedish telephone specifically the cord from the handset.
They were kinda like a braid type outer cloth with a rubber
inner, the phones completed but I,m stumped as to going
about the cord.
Would it be best to model the cord has a tube then deform
to the handset making it easy to uv map, or better still has
anyone used a similar technique on another project. I really
would like to get this surface done just right has the rest is
mainly chrome and china with a small glass dial plate.

Any help really appreciated Alan.

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# 2 21-07-2005 , 09:30 PM
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I,ve been toying with a few textures and this is
what I,ve got so far but I,m still not able to get
that real looking base braid effect.

Thanks for any help Alan.

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# 3 21-07-2005 , 09:34 PM
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Maybe look into bump maps, or try to actually model it. I myself though would use displacement or bump maps....more efficient.

# 4 22-07-2005 , 11:28 AM
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Thanks Alienscience,
Displacement maybe another option, If I remember rightly
there used to be a plugin for photoshop that did a weave
pattern kinda like whicker basket effect could anyone help
on that one.

Cheers again Alan.

# 5 22-07-2005 , 04:34 PM
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I tried looking a pics of similar phones and they all just seemed to have a smooth rubber jacketed cord. Are you trying for cloth covering?

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# 6 22-07-2005 , 05:28 PM
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Hi Michael,
Yeah the old phones had a braid type material covering a
rubber outer coating.
I,ve got a copy of eye candy 5 that has a weave filter that
Allows you to design 4 types of pattern I,ll see how I go with
it otherwise I,ll just put a dirt map on the cord and make do.

Cheers Alan

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