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# 1 16-08-2005 , 11:40 AM
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object naming using extraction

hi im following the ferrari tutorial and ive hit a problem.. part of the tutorial shows you how to extract a group of faces in face mode and then name them as a seperate object, so that then can individual parts of the model can be selected and named .

however i have followed the tutorial, selecting the group of desired faces and using edit polygons>extract.... but for some reason the polygons i have extracted dont group as a single object... they all break off and when you try and select the object in object mode you can only select individual faces... which is really frustrating... any help here woudl be much appreciated as ive been stuck with this one for quite a while now and cant see any way of moving forward!! the image will hopefully give a better idea of what im talking about... this in object mode!


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yep I cud see that would be annoying, maybe they should explain that, as by default i suppose it is set to off, but here you go.

you want to goto :

Polygons > Tool Options > Keep faces together ,and then tick this option.

Hope that does the trick.



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hi thanks for your help i should imagine that would work but unfortunately where ive been messing around tryin to figure it our for so long the faces are already seperate in the oultliner... or at least this is how it is appearing (see image) am i right in thinking that i can somehow group them into objects here by changing the hierachy?? its so confusing and frustrating i appreciate your help as im quite new to maya!! and am keen to get on with learning!

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# 4 09-09-2005 , 06:31 AM
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Are you new to Photoshop too? Let's try making those screen shots a lot smaller. mkay? user added image

As for your problem: If the faces are still seperated just merge all the vertices to make it a single object. Rigth click over the hood and choose Vertices. Then go to Polygons > Merge Vertices. Set the number low so that they only merge in their immediate vacinity and not all of them together.

When you're extruding edges or faces make sure to turn on the Keep Faces Together like James said.

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