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# 1 13-09-2005 , 11:22 PM
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need help with basic animation...

Hey Everyone,

I just finished modeling a cave tunnel. it has the cave opening and then a tunnel which ends in a cove. Basically, the animation i want to do is really simple. I just want to start at the mouth of the cave's opening and have it go through the tunnel (as if a person on a dolly is going through the cave) and then have it end at the dead end cove.

Pretty straightfoward animation..just a quick trip through the tunnel. Can anyone give me directions on how to do this? I'm a total newbie to maya so i don't have any idea how to do it.

After the animation gets done, i am also wanting to export the animation as an swf to import for flash. If anyone knows about this too..that would awesome.

ok..thanx for any help you can offer..


# 2 14-09-2005 , 03:35 PM
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You could create a motion path and attach the camera to the motion path, set your timeline and voila....travelling through a cave.

Make sure you have 'look through selected' turned on while the camera is selected.

That should get you going in the right direction at least user added image

# 3 14-09-2005 , 03:43 PM
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Cool...hey, is there anyway you could reply with a post that outlines the actual steps in getting that done?

I'm kind've a newbie to this maya thing, so steps would be
really cool..

thanks, if you can...

# 4 15-09-2005 , 11:11 AM
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Sure. The best thing to do if you get stuck is to do a search for "motion path animation" in your Maya help file.

1. Create -> CV Curve Tool. Just experiment with this a bit. Click to make a few points, then hit enter and you'll get a line.

2. Once you have your line, create a camera. Try a Camera and Aim. Create->Cameras->Camera and Aim.

3. Select the camera, then shift-select the curve.

4. Make sure you are in the animation menu set (Hit F2).
Animate->Motion Paths->Attach to Motion Path.

Good luck.

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