Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 1
This course will look at the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. We'll look at what makes a good model in Maya and why objects are modeled in the way they are.
# 1 14-03-2006 , 07:33 PM
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maya slow. image planes

okay all I am back. Going to do some more work in maya and see if i can get things working. I am working with image plane and side view is so slow when i go in and out . I cant believe how slow. it will take years for me to just use the cv tool . i can post a picture of what i have if that will do good but just to move in and out takes 2 mins or longer. I never had this problem before . what settings will you all need ?

pc specs

1.67 processor amd
512 gig ram
128 radeon 9600
80 gig main hard drive. Only six gigs free on it.

dont know what to do ...

okay odd issue even worst. i pull up image plane of kurts dog and works fast and out. But if i pull up image plane of what i have one side view and one front view it takes for ever in any view. Kurts dog is just a side view so curious what to do., cause i cant do anything ...i will provide pictures if need. Also if it helps I am trying to do tutorial on maya basics by Digital tutors . Trying that to learn basics and then go back to the dog and just everything is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ...

also antivirus and firewall are shut off and others ...even with those running the image plane for kurts dog works fine. so kinda stuck at this point. also pc is free of any virus or spyware. pc runs fine on everythign else .

also i have not done any modeling at all. just image planes right now and that is it ...I did a search and didnt come up with anything on the forum ...cheers

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# 2 14-03-2006 , 07:41 PM
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not sure
if this was me there would b a few things i would try
delete plane and reload (try bth poly plane and adding it to the camera)
save image plane in diff format mayb one with smaller size
and ltly free up some space as the ain hd has the os on it so when this gets clogged allthings will start to run slow

mayb this will be helpful but its probably not gonna but worth a try

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# 3 14-03-2006 , 07:50 PM
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add it to camera ? how would i do that ...

i now have 15 gig of free hard drive space and same issue

source image files are

1063x 625

156 kb file size for one (side)

99 kb for other source file. ( front )

if helps i can put up a zip file with the source images

also how i added the image planes was to go to side view or front view .

go to view then image plane and then import image that the best way ? i did that same process with front and side view ..

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# 4 14-03-2006 , 08:07 PM
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u added it to the camera which for me in the past has caused some problems
i would do it by creating a poly plane and using hypershade and a lambert
for colour click the checkered box then chose file and rotate so it is the right way up
next use photoshop or a pic editing program to find dimension of pic in cm if that is what ur set up is in(this can be found under preference and i cant remeber the tab but there should be one for units ie pixels metres inch cm and make sure that it is the same unit to wat u found out the size of the pic is in)
add to layer and set as reference
ask again if i was to vague

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# 5 14-03-2006 , 08:18 PM
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well i review kurts dog tutorial and see he did it as you explained but i dont know if i can do that . I use my paintshop pro and see it is 14 x 8 inches ..roughly.

i would like it as camera view but i can adjust as needed. Is it hardware related with the view messing up like that or what could it be . Wondering if anyone knows what would cause this or how i can fix it to work like DT explains . If it cant be fixed i will put it like you have explain Pb but just wondering how to get things lined up and right size .

things i do to get better to do kurts tutorial lol

# 6 14-03-2006 , 10:31 PM
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wohoo i fix it after going threw a bunch of trial and error. If you have this problem you may want to disable hardware accelartion in your video card ...

go to start
control panel
click on switch to classic view in left hand corner
click on display
click on settings tab
then click on advanced button
then click on troubleshooting tab
then click on the slider in hardware accelartion and turn it to none.

it solved my image plane issues and modeling now. I also tried my games and other software and it had no effect. i hope this helps other people out.


back to maya

thanks all .

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# 7 15-03-2006 , 07:03 AM
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I have a system setup fairly similiar to yours:

1.8 Ghz AMD Athlon XP 2500+
ATi Radeon 9600
...and a gig of RAM.

I was also experiencing the same problem that you had: my images planes were incredibly slow. I'd tried to fix this problem in the past, but to no avail. When I read your post I was really hopeful, so I did what do posted; I went to the display settings and turned hardware acceleration off. I opened up maya, and noticed that something was off, but I paid no attention to it. I loaded an image plane, and it was actually usable this time around...

...but, alas, I've turned hardware acceleration back on. The image plane shows up fine in the orthographic views, but represents itself as a solid black plane in my 3D view. Not only this, but camera names don't work in my orthographic views (this is what I noticed when I started Maya), and suddenly I can't use "High Quality Rendering" or "X-Ray" -- these features are now supposedly unsupported by my card...

Not having workable image planes, isn't the biggest disaster, but it would definitely be nice. I just use textured planes for reference images now -- it's not great, but it gets the job done...

I appreciate your post, though...

user added image

# 8 15-03-2006 , 04:32 PM
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odd it works on mine but i had some other issues going on and probably get a new card soon ,other issues included one game not working correctly at all. Dang prince of persia

borrow a friends gforce 5500 card and everything is working great and that is with hardware accelartion on full .i know it is about 99 bucks but 256 meg card ..talked to alias and DT and it is normal on ATI cards ..there is a work around though.. i am going to try it tonight has to deal with unofficial drivers for the ATI card ...will try them tonight

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# 9 15-03-2006 , 08:46 PM
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Strange that problem, i've never had that even though I started using the PLE without a graphics card, just the onboard one!

Glad you sorted out though

# 10 15-03-2006 , 08:49 PM
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yeah it is but with buddies new card ...going to work with ati card tonight

# 11 16-03-2006 , 04:31 AM
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tried old 9600 ati radeon card with drivers suggest and got a whole new error ... then back to same old problem with image planes ...

finally went and got a geforce 5500 and working fine now ....hope this helps out people

# 12 16-03-2006 , 05:58 AM
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Only time my planes get slow is when they are REALLY big and I pan around alot. That'd prolly be because of my compy. Kinda weird though, since rendering and all other tools and stuff work normal speed, but big planes just slow it down :/

2.8GHz Pentium 4
512 MB RAM
Intel Integrated GFX card (lol)

Didnt exactly buy it with 3d animation in mind, but nothing a few upgrades cant fix.

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