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Looking for a 3d character female for RPG Project

Hello everyone.

My name is Michael and I am a graduating game art and design student this current term at the Art Institute of Vancouver, Burnaby campus.

I currently am lead designer in developing a two-dimensional mmmorpg named Kingdom of Auspiex Online. Currently you may elect to view the promotional video demonstrating game play here.

The major attention for my studies at AI is creating a promotional vehicle that will be used for the opening cinematic/animation of the Kingdom of Auspiex Online game when a user first plays the game, as well as substitute for the current Video Promotions.

The concept for my demo reel is combining different aspects of Cinematic's, Characters, music, voice over’s, an original environment and game play elements from the game, to create a three minute montage.

There is a long list of credits that contribute towards the longevity and the devotion to the game by the various people involved, and I am looking for a 3D character modeler, that would be willing to contribute two original character models.
The character models would be mid to high polys, and would be a male and a female. The style of the characters would be chiefly determinate of the artists, but should have an anime/Japanese aesthetic about them.

This project for a character modeler would be ideal, for a graduating or soon to be graduating student, that wishes to use their pre-existing character models to gain more exposure, or someone that wishes to collaborate art for art’s sake.
Full credit in the demo reel, and the game will be given to you, and future collaborations would be a big option, for the artist as well, once we go live, more cut-scene animations would be required. Finally, this opportunity would be ideal for someone that wants to be part of a team, and do some collaborative work with game artists of a similar frame of mind.

If anyone wishes to talk, or wants to find out more information on this unique concept, or to be part of Kingdom of Auspiex Online team and my own demo reel, please feel free to respond to this thread, or E-Mail me at


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