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# 1 28-10-2006 , 11:21 PM
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Mental ray is gone [FIXED]


I am fearly new to Maya, ive used blender a bit. I installed maya a couple of weeks ago and then I registered that I had 4 alternatives in the Render meny. Maya Software, Maya Hardware, Maya vector and at last Mental Ray.

Today, i was planning to try out Mental ray for a model ive made, but then it was all gone. In the render meny i now just have, Maya Software and Hardware. Vector and Mental Ray is gone. Anyone have a clue? What has happened?

Im running Maya 8.0 on Mac OS X Tiger.

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# 2 31-10-2006 , 03:02 PM
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Try going to Window--Settings/Prefs---Plugin Manager--

once in the plug-in window look for the line named mayatomr and cllick the load and auto load buttons next to the mayatomr line, click refresh and you should be good to go.

# 3 31-10-2006 , 05:47 PM
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Thank you, that solved my problem! Thank you for the help. What has caused this to change? I didnt to this... But anyway, now it is fixed and thank you very much!

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