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how to add audio in maya??

it is possible to add audio in maya?? how to add audio voice in your character after you finish it to model and animate how will you add a voice?? pls help me

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It sure is!

I forget the exact name now, but there's a plugin that goes by the name of Sound Renderer or something like that.

It allows you to set up 'speakers' and 'microphones' in 3d space. I've yet to explore it, but the really funky thing about it is that you can have multiple sources and mics. This functionality allows you to record 5.1 sound!!!!

It's just a matter of taking the 6 created sound files and joining them into 1 file, ready to be merged with the animation and burnt to DVD.

As far as having a character talk goes, that's no problem. The fun bit's just the lip synch..

Ah-hah! Managed to locate the thing on my hard-drive.
Can't post it(too big @1.2Mb), nor do I know where I downloaded it. What I do have however, are the first couple of lines out of the readme file included in the package.

SoundRenderer 1.3.1 for Maya 5-7
By Frank Firsching (
Copyright(C) 2001-2006

Hopefully these'll be enough to locate it. If not pm me and I can email it.

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here is one idea, get a program like Magpie, pro, i think they make a light version, and learn blend shapes via Kurt's orc head (the talkng one, or read a lot of tuts and help files, magpie will show you the basic vowel shapes, i don't know how it plugs in not that advanced, i would probably just use blend shapes and take the AVI (after composition) into premier or Avid and sync them there.

in English this time, I would find out what the mouth looks like with each vowel or word i need, learn about blend shapes (or the hard way, key the curves of the mouth) make an AVI in after effects then sync it in Avid, premier, or even windows movie maker.

best bet, get the tut of the talking orc head, but unless you are an experienced animator, it will sound like Martian and be completely a turn off, go slow and go simple, what you are asking is very big and best left to at least intermediate, i cant do it but i know the theory of it, or some of it.

do a google search; lip sync and maya

there is one i know for free called lyp-sync, they gave it away in 3D World, the guy was very helpful and answerd all my e-mails but i got lost (no smart remarks guys) and it went over my head, that was about two years ago, i could probably do it now, but coming from a film back ground i would first go the way i just mebtioned above, sync it in an editing program, slow frames where needed, cut and paste where needed, ect.

you can just animate a simple curve moving on the surface of the face if it is a simple cartoon style, and people will understand by default (its a convention so people are used to it) while the dialogue is played as a voice over and it will be fine, look at 'South Park' dont look at 'shrek' unless you are very good and if you were you would not ask this question, am i right?? lol

take it easy and life will be easy

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I haven't done this since Maya 6 was new, but as far as I remember, for just a simple lip synch animation or w/e, all you have to do is drag and rop the audio file into the time line.

Eric Tacti
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guyz thanks for the help. i am also willing to help if u have question too.

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