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# 1 12-02-2007 , 03:56 PM
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Damn Update Button

Hey. I am a student at the Center of Digital Imaging Arts out of Boston U. I just recently perchased Maya. 8.0 for my computer at home and it seems to be running flawlessly. i changed all the preferences to my needs except for one thing i cant figure out.
When ever i extrude of change the shape of a Poly or Nurbs shape i get a Update button in the bottom right hand corner. I cannot see the change or deform of the oblect until i click the update button.
At school we are using 7.0 and i can't seem to find the pref to toggle the update button auto or manual. Is this a 8.0 Upgrade or what? Please if you have any idea on whats going on post some answers. I tell you that button is the worst thing that ever happened to me. it takes me twice as long to draw and i cant see what i am doing till after i already do it. thanks and hope to hear some good news.

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ok I think what you need to do is go to window/Settings Prefereces/ performance settings and then under Dependency Graph Evaluation check the box that says drag.
I think it might be set on Demand at the moment.

regards J.S.

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Man. thats great. yes that did fix the problem. thanks for the reply so fast. thanks again. nate

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