Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Right Mouse Button Issues

Ok guy need your help, basically I have that dreaded right mouse issue when using Maya it goes like this:

When I attempt to use right mouse button it just does not register, this means I cannot get to the marking menus and drag objects etc. in short its as if Maya does not register my right mouse button clicks.

Now I have had this problem before on an older version of Maya and found a fix, but cant remeber the exact way I sorted it. Now I have been looking for a solution for a while and have tried everything that the net has to offer including some fixes on these forums but non seem to work - here is what I have tried:

- Num Lock toggleing is not solving it

- F-lock and Caps lock toggling is not solving it

- Testing mouse works properly, Its does no issues anywhere else (yes its 3 button)

- Update gfx card drivers, did not resolve the problem

- Rebooting does not work

- Not using duel monitor setup

- Reinstalling works but after a shut down the problem comes back (I cannot reinstall everytime I wish to use maya)

- Dont play wow before, tried and did not work

- Deleted and Reset Prefrances did not work

I think I have covered all my bases on what dont work for me so if you have any alternative suggestions I would love to hear them - A few system specs etc

Maya 8.5
pentium duel core (2x2.5gig)
Win XP sp2
Gforce 8800 seris grfx card

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i think it's the graphics card, unfortuantely Maya has issues with the 8800 series.
How to fix it I don't know sorry.

update heres a fix that someone else posted on the net regarding issues with this card...

1. Fire up the control panel and go to 3D configuration values.
2. In the Configuration values for application press the Add button and choose maya.exe from the Bin folder in your Maya installation folder.
3. Deactivate all anisotropic and antialiasing filtering and set all modes to the highest performance setting.
4. In "Conformant texture fixation" (sorry for the translation) select "Use OpenGL applications"
5. Activate "Report errors"
6. And force activation on "Vertical synchronization"

This did the trick for me. I'm no expert and probably some of the settings are would not interfere anyway but it's been quite an annoying problem and I'm not willing to experiment any further.

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thanx for the input, however this has not fixed my issue. I dont think this is a gfx card specific issue because I had this problem before on a compleatly differant rig that used a ATI card - I managed to fix it then but cant remeber how.

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hmmm, sometimes missimg menus are due to DPI settings, try changing it to normal from large (if its set to large) thats the only thing that I can suggest.

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nope not changing anything. Its very strange, I can still use alt-rmb and ctr-rmb to zoom etc, so it deffo registers the right mouse button as a click, but when I attempt to hold it to enter a marking menu It will not register and also when I right click a menu Icon I do not get a pop up menu.

contacted autodesk but nothing yet

Hmm intrestingly I cannot access the marking menu by holding down spacebar either. Very annoying to say the least

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:headbang: :headbang: i need ppoint

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