Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Jan/Feb Figurine Winner!

First off, thanks to all the great entries! I was glad to see so many worthy final contestants enter in such great models. All of them would have made anyone a proud figurine for their mantles and desktops!

The winner was based on following all of the posted rules and guidelines, modeling skills, and simply creating an interesting piece that would look cool on a desk! It was very tough to choose a winner, as you all can attest by taking a look at the user poll that was created so that everyone could have fun voting for the one they liked the best. There were obviously a few favorites as well, in my opinion, several that I thought would have been voted on much more than they were, but somehow didn't find many.

But in any case, without further ado, the winner of the Jan/Feb Figurine challenge is:

user added image


Special mention to goksimaster for having a strong showing in the user poll!

And I hope no one minds me praising t1ck135. You did an excellent job, and it was not overlooked!

The new challenge should be up within the hour!

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Cool! A big thank you to everyone else who took part and stopped by the challenge forum. Once again this was a really good experience - thank you to everyone who helped me.

There were some fantastic entries this time - I definitely think that everyone did a great job.

Bring on the next challenge!!

user added image user added image user added image

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Congradulations on winning Arran user added image

Cant wait to see how it looks real

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well done man and thx for your surport thought this one

:attn: user added image :attn: user added image :attn: user added image :attn: user added image

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Big congrats arran, although I didn't vote for you, I still thought you did a great job none-the-less. user added image I agree with mike that some entries could have gotten more votes like Tweetytunes, Some guy, and Gester123, and especially t1ck135. It's beyond me why you did not get any votes.

Arran, be shure to show us a pic of the figurine when you get it!

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Congrats Arran! In my mind a well deserved win!

Big thanks to Mike for getting this challenge going and managing it so well.

On a personal note, thanks to everyone for the crits and comments on my model, it was really appreciated and kept my motivation up, thanks to everyone who competed the larger entry field really gave this comp the edge and the fun factor!

"No pressure, no diamonds" Thomas Carlyle
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Congradulations Arran user added image

hope everything goes well in the making process

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thanks a lot guys - user added image

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Congrats Arran. A well deserved win.

Well Done to all who entered, its hard to have your work judged and takes guts just to enter. Lets hope we all learned from it.

Chris (formerly R@nSiD)
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Congratulations Arran, a deserved win for a great model.

There were many really great entries for this comp and the fact that some got very few votes is probably due to the fact you have to choose one and vote and there is only a limited amount of total votes due to the size of the users that actually take an interest in the challenge forum, unless you give your mates a ring of course user added image

Well done to all that actually completed a final entry , I know how hard it can be sometimes to get past the post with these things .

regards J.S.

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*Golf clap* ^_^

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great result arran, all the perseverence and hard work you've put in since starting has finally paid off user added image

and dont forget to take some photos of the little critter so we can see him in all his glory (ahem)

congrats to everyone that entered and everyone else that dropped by people's threads and gave crits and comments user added image


EDIT: Cheers mike, only just noticed what you said at the bottom user added image

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Thanks t1ck135, severinianthony, jsprogg and R@nSiD. user added image

I can't believe it's been a year since my hippo entry!

I'll definitely post up some pictures when I get the statue.

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nice indeed! liking the details.

# 15 16-03-2007 , 09:01 AM
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Amazing!! I like that a lot!! Keep it up!!


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