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# 1 22-05-2007 , 08:06 PM
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Cleaning laptop screen?

anyone know a way to clean my dusty laptop screen off without scratching it?

# 2 22-05-2007 , 09:08 PM
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I use my girlfriends facewipes (babywipes) you can use them on the keyboard too.

# 3 22-05-2007 , 10:56 PM
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Even cheap car window screen wipes will work, baby wipes do a good job too tho.

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# 4 23-05-2007 , 01:16 PM
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I mainly use my sleeve.

Mostly I use the little screen cleaner wipes from uni, dont think that theres any advantage in them though

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# 5 24-05-2007 , 12:42 AM
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i belive you can use windex, just spray it on a cloth first then wipe the screen. but im not sure if that will wreck it or not, i read something like it in maximum PC. check it out before you do.

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# 6 30-05-2007 , 10:57 AM
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The best way to clean a laptop screen is to use what the manufacturer recommends. LCD screens have extremely delicate coatings on the surface to prevent glare and stuff like that and using harsh cleaners can permanently damage the screen and impair quality. If you don't want to check, the I heard the best thing is to use isopropanoyl (think I spelt it right) with a soft cloth (not paper since the fibres could scratch the suface).

# 7 30-05-2007 , 01:01 PM
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yeah - like architect said - but also make sure that you're using a lint free cloth. depending on where you are, your local stationary store should have specific products for cleaning laptops.

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