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# 1 22-01-2008 , 12:09 AM
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Maya texturing prob/automatic mapping

Hi! A strange texturing problem is stopping my workflow: I want to texture a 90 degree bended polygon-tube with a file. I applied automatic mapping at step 6 and have cut the tube before and after the bend and lined up the pieces parallel. When I try to assign the texture to the object I get the error- message: "error while parsing arguments". And I don`t know whats wrong...

Who has an idea, what I could try alternatively? (I can not take an easy material beause the tube is a very important part of the scene). THX for every hint!
the tasteless

# 2 22-01-2008 , 03:06 AM
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Check your normals. There are several options with normals that you can try. The other item with polys that always gets a bit crazy is try the cleanup geometry option under the polygons menu.

Last....always try to delete the history of an object. I love how that will make stuff work after fooling with it for an hour.

# 3 22-01-2008 , 01:28 PM
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textouring prob solved

Hi! Many Thanx 4 yous help, it was definitely the history, I found ot myself, but forgot to edit my posting!
the tasteless

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