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# 1 22-01-2008 , 07:32 AM
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Rendering Problem - Please Help

Hello everyone, I tried to research these forums and the web for my question but I did not find anything helpful or revelant.

Basically I am working with Maya Unlimited 8.0 on my computer. (College class wants us to use this version) Anyways, I am new to maya but I kept running into this problem, a problem that my teacher couldnt give me much help on.

Anyways, I made a project that would show a soft ball and a hard ball bouncing, very simple, only 66 frames at 24fps, so basically a 2-3 second movie. When I go to batch render into an .AVI format, my computer renders 2 files. For some reason I get these extensions: and example.avi.tmp. The program has told me it was done rendering and the avi.tmp file still remains. Anyways, I cannot play any files, even if I alter the extension to .avi. Also I have tried to play these rendered formats on windows XP since I am running windows vista, and it still cannot be played. Any advice would be helpful and very appreciated how to fix this problem, thank you for your time.

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It's not wise to render an AVI straight from Maya.
the best way would be to render an image sequence and then convert the sequence to an avi in another app.
Mike has very kindly made a fee tutorial to download on this subject using an app that is aslo free .You can find the tutorial here .

Hope this helps solve your problem.

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Thank you very much, this was a very helpful video and it helped me solve the problem.

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Man, I WISH all issues were solved with ONE responseuser added image hehe...

Nice work jsprogg pointing him to the right place!

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i also had a similiar problem in both version 8 and 8.5. i looked for any unknown changes in the settings but couldn't find any. they were all fine. getting nearly frustrated, i finally resorted to loading the default settings for everything (that too for more than 4/5 times) including render globals, preferences and every thing i could. then only could Maya render proper .avi files. i hope this helps you. it did to me and has not bothered me again.

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