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# 1 09-03-2008 , 06:00 AM
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Image sequence not loading ?

Hi 2 all

I have made a caustic sequence pattern for my animation using the free caustics generator that is found on the web.

I have converted it to a tiff file format aswell. But when I add the file sequence to a texture, say a simple lambert then I get this message when I turn on the USE IMAGE SEQUENCE button:

// Warning: Texture file C:/Users/Andrew/Desktop/caustics tiff/Water_Caustics_001Water_Caustics_001Water_Caustics _001.tif doesn't exist, node file4

Whats going on with this ??

Why won't it load my sequence ? It is fine when the use image sequence box is'nt ticked, so what can I do To fix this.

if anybody can help then that would be great.


Andy Gee

# 2 12-03-2008 , 02:48 AM
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I am also having same problem in hypershade as well as in image plane. What's the problem. I am using version 8.0. Did this problem exist in earlier versions. Please someone help!

# 3 12-03-2008 , 03:11 AM
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hmm, try chnaging the extensions of the file names to


and then give that a go, i've found that it can be pickey with image names etc etc.

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# 4 12-03-2008 , 03:46 AM
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Hey guys thanks for the replies

Have found a quick fix for this, I opened the sequence in maya using the view sequence in fcheck, then saved the sequence again using maya's native ext.

That seemed to have solved it


Andy Gee

# 5 12-03-2008 , 07:38 AM
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# 6 18-12-2008 , 06:38 PM
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wow the fcheck fix was a life saver. thanks a bunch guys

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