Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Trouble outputing an image sequence texture to a movie

I have attached to a polygonal plane a lambert shader with a .iff image sequence attached to its color and transparency attributes (there is an alpha channel layer with each image). I have no problems when I run a playblast the image sequence on the texture it works beautifully and also when I render an individual frame- everything looks as I would anticipate. However, when I run a batch render and try to output my scene into any sort of movie format (compressed or uncompressed) the resulting movie file doesn't display anything I'll I see is a series of black frames. This has got me completely baffled!

Does anyone out there have and solutions or suggestions to this problem?



p. s. I have imported my files onto a completely different computer and network (to make sure it wasn't my computer that was having the problems) I was met with the exact same results as with my own computer.

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hi, i am not an expert in this, but, maybe if you tried to render your animation in an image sequence.. tga generally gives the best quality output.
then, you can import the tga sequence into an editing sw like premier.
hope this was of use to you

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Think because you've rendered it as a series of .iff'sthe other software cannot recognise the format.

Try changing hte image sequence via FCheck

To do it, open the animation, play it throug, then save animation as, change the image format to .tiff's (preff in a different folder so that you know the difference) then try using this image sequence to get the animation.

Hope it helps you out

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thanks for the advice guys but I have tried your suggestions and they were to no avail. Here is the problem in a little more detail (I just copied this from another forum that I posted the same problem in- this was one of my replies to a suggestion).

Thank you for the intelligent feedback, unfortunately I'm still stuck with the same problem though I think I understand it a little more fully now. I heeded your advice and found that I was still dealing with the same problem- any batch render performed the assigned texture sequence would not show up at all( with or without an alpha channel). The planes and everything else will render but the image sequence simply isn't showing up. However, I did notice when trying various setting and file types that the only thing that will render is a quicktime movie movie texture. This would be an acceptable solution to my problem if only the images didn't have any interference (there are strange lines going through the images... I don't know what to make of them) it may be that my format is unsupported (this was a "lossless" output setting in AE so it doesn't make sense that it would be a compression issue) -do you know of any compatable movie formats for maya or a solution to this problem? I also observed that when I had multiple planes that had loaded image sequence textures that only one would actually playblack in the window at a time. It was always the most recent texture that I added to a plane that would work- the others automatically stopped. If I reattached the image sequence onto any of those that had stopped working it would animate again but all others would stop. I really am at a loss on how to tackle this problem. I suppose I really don't understand fully this process, do you know of any tutorials that might walk me through this animated texture stuff?

note: I am attaching the image files to the color section of the lambert shader and then I click the "use image sequence" button which(correct me if I am wrong) allows the images to load with the corresponding frame number from the scene.

I am running maya 7.0 off of a powerbook g4 1.5 ghz 768 ram osx 10.4.4

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i'm having the exact same problem...have you figured out a solution yet?

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No, after spending countless hours trying to determine what was wrong I have given up- my project is due soon so I have had to abandon this aspect of the scene.

I'm curious... are you having the EXACT same problem as I have outlined it? If so, is it possible that this is a maya glitch? I was told by my professor that I might have messed up maya by installing the personal learning edition before I purchased the actual software. If you did the same perhaps this is our problem.


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