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Image Sequence Wont Import

Hey All,

I'm trying to import an image sequence into Maya 2011, but every time I try it says:

// Warning: Texture file D:/My Documents/maya/projects/Apache Helicopter/sourceimages/Fire/Fire (1).png doesn't exist, node file3 //

I know the files are there but it doesn't seem to want to recognize them.

Any suggestions?


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I know maya dose not like name spaces (eg d:\work 3d\ - would be bad but d:\work3d\ - would be better) so try moving the files/renaming them.

Also unless your image seq is very sort I think the numbering will also have to change from (1) to something more like 001 with out the brackets as Maya will need to 0`s to read the sequence in the right ordered and maybe the reason its throwing up the error.

So try moving the files and rename them from

D:/My Documents/maya/projects/Apache Helicopter/sourceimages/Fire/Fire (1).png

to something like


and see if you still get the errors. If that dont work try a different file type.

Hope it helps.

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