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# 1 14-06-2015 , 09:05 PM
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Convert> Texture to Mesh / Sequence

I have rather strange or impossible question. It might be achievable with script but I am not advanced enough to write one so I thought of asking you.

There is an option in Maya that convert texture to mesh. Convert >Texture to Mesh

I want to use this one but then I want to convert image sequence into mesh either will animated, changing vertex points or convert it into separate /per frame different meshes.

Does anyone knows a plug-in, script or any solution to this?

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# 2 15-06-2015 , 09:50 AM
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Well depending on what it is you want out of it at the end you could try convert -> displacement to polygons.

This would work for terrain or something like the sea... what geo are you trying to get out of this conversion process?

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Now that you mention it I can do texture deformer on a plane and export the plane as OBJ sequence. If i do this I would still need somehow to reduce randomly the vertex of the plane because they will be created a way to systematic. I need to export texture to mesh and then use it as OBJ sequence in Plexus in AF.

Convert texture to mesh does make random vertex depend on the texture and this kind of fit with the chaotic way I want Plexus to look like

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I guess my question is:

Can I write a simple mel script that would batch the option Convert>Texture to Mesh?

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