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Clay render Test


I'm trying out clay renders for the first time and would liek some feedback and advice.

This was rendered in Mr in Maya 2008. The gun and floor plane have the same lambert. The lambert (so gun and plane) and camera environment all have the same colour (a medium gray).

I've used the following settings:

AA: Fixed Sampling at 2 (16 pp)

Multi Pixel Filtering: Mitchel, 4 x 4 (seemed to reveal more detail than default gauss)

Final Gather:

Accuracy: 1000
Point Density: 2.0
Interpolation: 10

There are no lights, just lit by the environment and FG.

I quite like it but there is still some jaggieness - increasing the AA another step puts render time way up, hoping someone could advise if tweaking FG settings and filter settings alone could help smooth it out.

One last question - since I want to animate this, and the hard edge of the plane isn't very nice, I thought of using a circular ramp mapped to transparency to fade it out, or extruding up the outer edges to create a basin. Not sure what would be best.



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The easiest and best way (IMHO) to achieve the "clay render" look is to use the Ambient Occlusion material in MR and render with that, it produces some nice results and really helps to show off details.

Do a search in the forums for Ambient Occlusion or have a look:

I have seen a thread where one of the long timers walked everyone through it, but I cant seem to find it...

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man gubar you've gotten very good at using maya within a short space of time, well done!!!!!!!!!!user added image

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