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Is it possible to render fur in a render layer?


I tried to rendered my environment that has fur, paint effects converted to polygon trees, alpha maps for my foliage, maps of 2048 resolution with color, spec and bump maps in a straight batch render. But it only rendered 15% as said in the script editor and it said completed. It didn't render the whole scene, because it ran out of memory again.

I am using Maya 8.5 and I know the presets of the render layers are buggy and I am not good at compositing anyway...

For the first question:
Do I have to render the fur feedback in a different layer of the render layer?

2) For the flat color pass (diffuse)...Do I select all geometries include the lights and dome with surface shader and set it to diffuse?

3) For spec, do I select everything including the lights and use the preset for spec?

4) For reflection for my pond...there is no preset for it.

5) I have displacement. Is there anyway, I can render the occlusion with displacement?

6) Well there is the fur.

7) Since occlusion gives you shadow, why would I need to render the shadow? And how to render the shadows separately?

Please let me know how I can go about doing it so I can finish my demoreel. Thank you very much.

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Okay lets start from the bottom.

Occlusion is basically designed to yes give shadow but its more a case of detailed shadow where objects meet say at the edges, its designed to be used as a Multiply layer in PS or a compositor of your choice and then have its opacity adjusted to fit the image and your needs. You can render a scene with just occlusion but this gives the feel of a diffused and overcast day. But by adding a key light to the scene it gives you a more directional style of light like the sun or a lamp coming from a certain direction which would cause the main shadow.

render the fur separately, depending on your system spec sometimes Maya has a hard time doing the after render compositing. this will also save on memory.

Occlusion and displacement should work, stick the object with displacement on a render layer with the occlusion preset applied

Pond reflection, just create a new shader for it and stick on a new render layer as mentioned with the displacement above.

Specular hilights, how many do you want in the scene? the spec can be turned off in the lights attribute editor and yes there should be a preset for spec passes. you must put everything that needs spec including lights into the same layer otherwise no light = no spec

Diffuse...yes youve answered your own question

lastly download the new Render Layers Tutorial by RageCGI, he's done a great job on it, and goes thru the whole deal, clear and concise. You'll be up and running in no time!

Hope this helps

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