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# 1 25-06-2008 , 04:29 AM
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Is there a way to get 2 pivot points on a group of objects? (I'll explain in topic)

Here goes, I'm trying create a car / go kart vehicle, and I'm working on the suspension. I have 3 groups of objects, two "anchor" objects, and one bar. Is there a way to make so that I can move one anchor object, have the other one stay put, and have the connecting bar move along with it? Here's a picture to help explain:


The suspension will have four arms in the end, and will work similar to this:

Picture 2

If you need me to explain more, I can.

Thanks for any help.

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I'm new to maya, but I don't think that you can have more than one pivot.
You would probably have to do some rigging.

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# 3 25-06-2008 , 07:20 AM
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Okay. It doesn't have to be pivots, that's just the term I was thinking of. I'll look into rigging, that'll probably be the best way.

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While I'm not sure precisely what you're asking, I know you cannot have two pivots on a single object, but you can move the pivot point on an object by holding D while in the move tool or by hitting Insert (Or it might be End, i just tap around on my numpad until I see it go) and then dragging the pivot point.

If you want something to be movable from either side, like a bar on an axle that jostles up and down, then you need to do a simple joint chain- I would put the parent joint in the center of the bar, put one joint at either end of the bar, and then a fourth and fifth joint right at the movement points on the static objects. Mechanically bind the bar to the joint (with the parent function) and bind the fourth and fifth joints to the static objects. The second and third joints aren't bound to anything and act merely to make the other parts move correctly, unless there's separate spinning axles at the end, in which case you'll have a much more complex rig, and you'll have to figure it out yourself.

Here's a picture of a simple rig I did that I think will help:

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I think I get what you're after and have made a little video to demonstrate how I'd go about it.... it's easier than trying to explain in writing.

CLICK TO SEE VIDEO (approx 3.5Meg)

Hpe it helps,


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# 6 26-06-2008 , 07:17 PM
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hey mat, i just tried that and it didn't work for me, so i played around with some settings, so make sure in the aim constraint options that you have "maintain offset" checked.

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# 7 26-06-2008 , 09:22 PM
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I knew I forgot something!!

Cheers for pointing that out Andy.

Take it easy,


# 8 26-06-2008 , 09:56 PM
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Could just group your objects twice and manipulate the pivot of the two different groups.

# 9 27-06-2008 , 07:40 AM
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Yeah Mike thats what I would do. (not looked at yours Mat hows tricks by the way? Drop me a mail.)

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# 10 27-06-2008 , 09:10 AM
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All is good cheers Steve,

I'll drop you a line over the weekend.


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