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# 1 14-07-2008 , 05:29 PM
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joint parent problem

for some odd reason my joints are in a transform node in the outliner that I cannot remove them from. Does anyone know how I can fix this since I cannot use it in its current state in motion builder as the joints are not parented correctly.



# 2 06-08-2008 , 01:19 AM
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if you scaled the hierarchy under a group node, then I am afraid it is impossible to get this topNode lost. if you find a way don´t hesitate to tell me how you did it (not in case you just gave the rootbone the same scaling values then the groupNode has user added image )

but -

you can move the bones around (using MMB) inside the group at any time. and if I am not wrong MotionBuilder doesn´t have a problem importing hierarchies with a null group on top of all.

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