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Hi ...i've been working with Maya 8.0 and very recently with Maya 2008 and ...after i installed Maya 2008 i now have a big problem ...the modeling option is not there anymore ...i have animation , polygons , ncloth all exact modeling and i can't folow many tutorials anymore because i can't find the menus ...does anyone know what could be the problem?is it hidden or what?

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I think they were consolidated, Look under the srufaces menue and you should see them

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I can find all the modeling menus under surfaces , all except polygons and edit polygons.And the weird thing is that when i installed maya 8.0 a few days ago after a format of my C drive had the same problem.When Maya 2008 asked me if i want to keep the old preferences from the previous version i said no and ...have you even heard of this kind of problems before or ...

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I am relatively new to maya so I cannot say that I have seen that problem. However, If you look under edit mesh in the polygons you will see the edit polygons options that was in the earlier edition.
Hope this helps

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The menu set for 2008 is a follows:

Animation Menu set for everything animation
Polygon Menu set for all your polygon needs
Surfaces Menu set is for all NURBS and Sud Division stuff type things
Dynamics Menu set for the VFX person in you
Rendering Menu set for making pretty pictures
nCloth Menu set for... nCloth really
Live for the wonderful Maya Live system (activated in Plugin Manager)
Classic Cloth, also activated by plugin manager if you have a valid licence.

All Polygon options and tools are found in the Polygon Menu

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