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Help with blend shape problems!

I have this problem.
I have a face with all the blend shapes done, and also the face is rig to the skeleton of my character.
What I want is to re-shape a little bit my head, but, when I do this, and later I animate one of the blend shapes, the points I reshape, comes back to where the where, cuz in the target objects of the blend shapes are on a diferent position, the original position.
I realize that if I delete the targets I can reshape some points on the head and when I animate the blendshapes its ok, its what I want, but I dont want to delete my target,cuz maybe I will need them later to reshape maybe a facial expresion.. cuz you would never know what you will need in some scene.

Sooo what can I do? I also.. like I say.. I have the face bind to my rig, but I think its no big deal to move some points even if its bind.. right? The only thing I realy want is to reshape a couple of points between the eye area and the nose are, something I can do like in 30 seconds!

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With regard to the blendshapes and modelling thats quite straight forward. Obviously its rigged and you dont want to undo anything.

Presuming you did your blendshapes befor you rigged it heres how to solve your problem:

You basically duplicate the original head and move it off to one side (DO NOT FREEZE TRANSFORMATIONS!), reshape what you need to then create a new blend shape with this time the setting in the blendshape options needs to be set to Parallel then once the shape is created go to the channel box and under Parallel Blendshape simply type value from 0 to 1 for the appropriate mesh. The Shape of the face will now change. Then right click over the Value channel and do Lock Selected. this will stop you moving the value by accident. You should now be able to do your animation or move the head without probs.

Ive been using this type of technique on characters for four years and it works absolutely fine, it even helps using this technique to create new characters from the same mesh and use old blend shapes from the original model....but that I'll save for another day


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Thanks a lot Jay.
I will test it and let you know. user added image

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