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how do you transfer a maya 2009 license?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to transfer a Maya 2009 license from one to computer to another. I'm using a stand alone license( I think). For my license, I have 2 computers able to run Maya, but I'm trying to transfer my license to my new computer.

Is it as simple as uninstalling the entire program from the computer? Or does it require a use of a dongle, which autodesk says in its FAQ.

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I transfered my license just by installing on my new computer and I received a new license for it, but you may have to email Autodesk to allow it. I don't think you'd need a dongle? Probably best to email Autodesk about it.

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i use a dongle myself. The quickest easiest way to do it.
Specially since in my experience Autodesk is much harder to work with then Alias was about ...well anything.


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It depends greatly on what your license method is.

-If you are on subscription it's quite easy just contact your reseller and ask if they can arrange your license transfer, you probably have to fill in a form or something like that.
-With a dongle it's quite easy just copy the aw.dat file from the flexlm folder from your old to your new computer
-With no subscription I would advise you again to contact your reseller /Autodesk and either claim you had a systemcrash and needed to reinstall the computer or tell the truth which will set you back for about $150/200

good luck

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