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ipr view not matching render


I'm doing a number of IPR renders (and regions within it) which were a great help at first. Then I mucked around with the camera settings (aspect ratio etc.) and now the IPR view doesn't match the render. it' not too much of a problem but an annoyance when i just want to render a small region as I have to 'home in' on the correct area via a series of small regions.
I've tried putting the camera back as it was originally but it's still out. if I mess with the camera too much I'll never get back to how I want it - the framing is acceptable now but it's just this IPR nonsense...?

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Without seeing the scene I can only make one suggestion really. Save it, open a new scene, save a preset from the default cameraShape node (assuming you want it back to default), and then apply that preset in your other scene. That way you have some kind of backup til you figure out whats what.

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I created a default camera and compaered the settings and noticed that the 'lens squeeze ratio' was set to 2 on the problem camera. I've put that to 1 and that seems to have pretty much solved it. I'm not particularly au fait with how the camera ratios and resolution settings affect each other so I could well be complicating things unnecessarily. It all seems ok for now though.


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