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Problem: How do I work with 2 objects at once?

I am pretty new to Autodesk Maya, and I am right now trying to create a human face, I made the eyebrows with the "Create polygon faces" tool, and I did the same for the mouth. So i have 2 objects, the eye and the mouth. Now here's the problem:

When I try to combine theese two objects together by using the "Append to polygon" tool, I just can't get it right. (nor does the "connect vertexes" tool work)
Here's the deal, im watching a tutorial on Youtube, and I can see he got his two objects selected in green, but I can only seem to get one of my objects green, and the other one will be white (if i press alt on the second object)
I find that if I have both objects selected in green it might work, but how do i get them green?
Do I have to parent them together or make the 2 objects into 1?

How do i do that, remember I'm still new to this program therefore I'm asking this simple question.


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He might have combined the pieces (Mesh>Combine). For example, merging vertices won't work on separate objects.

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Combining the 2 objects worked, thanks! user added image

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