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Switching between motion path and keyframes


I'm having some trouble with an animation I'm trying to do. It's basically of a tractor driving in a few circles and a few other things. At the moment it is moving along a motion path, which works fine. When it reaches the end of the motion path at a particular keyframe I would like to break from the motion path and manually keyframe it then attach it to another motion path a few seconds later. After adding a few keyframes I found the motion path did not function at all. In my mind it seems like such a simple process but I just can't work it out. Any help would be really appreciated.



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Try making a few copys of your tractor, then set it up that one goes on the first motion path then the others for your key frame and another for your last motion path then its a case of making stuff visable or not, it might also work if you creat different levels of grouping for each stage..............dave

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Many thanks daverave, your solution has solved my problems.

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