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# 1 14-02-2013 , 10:52 AM
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3D cursor type of moving, moving objects to coordinates

Hey guys,

I've been a Blender user for about a year now and i've become very accustomed to the usage of a 3D cursor to move objects to the same location, move objects towards eachother etc.

So i was wondering, i have an imported object in a scene, i import another object, both objects have their origin / pivot point at their own respective centers. How can i move object A to the location of object B or vice versa?

I can't seem to use the "translate" coordinates because its on 0,00 and -0,0 maybe i've scaled them too small in my scene?

Anyway, is there like a "move object to this object" or "move object to 3d cursor" type of method of doing so?

Thanks in advance,


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# 2 19-12-2013 , 09:38 AM
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Maya is too great to think of small details like that

Autodesk cares about all the major features and the latest technologies but ignores the smallest things like

1. isolate a few faces. Enter Object Mode. Insert Edge Loop Tool. Click-drag to create edge loops.
They are created on the hidden faces. How ****ing dumb!

2. Maya cannot hide selected faces or hide unselected faces. The only option is isolate. It's not a solution all the time.

2. Open a maya file. Shows blank.
Open a new scene and drag-drop from windows explorer- works. Shows all contents. This has happened quite a few times.

3. Maya displays all uv's of the object at all times. No way to hide unselected uv's.

For asset creation, that is modeling, unwrapping and texture painting, Blender is currently the best software in the world.
What about Mari huh? Except the features like occlusion masking, cavity masking and edge masking, Blender has it all. I mean EVERYTHING OTHER ADVANCED TEXTURE PAINTING FEATURE.user added image

# 3 20-12-2013 , 11:14 PM
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I am away from my main comp right now. I have a script that matches the transforms or pivot and transforms of two objects. Will try and post it sometime in the next week.

# 4 09-01-2014 , 07:35 AM
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I use Maya at work, Blender at home. The 3d cursor and all the possible uses that come with it is one of the things I miss the most. That script will be much appreciated Chavfister user added image

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