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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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objects around character question

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I just finished rigging my model, painted skin weights and all.
now i have my additional object such as a pair of goggles, a pipe (my character is going to have the pipe attached to his head/mouth) and at the end of the pipe there's a pot that i want to have attached to my character just like a backpack.

if i would jump on theese stuff this is what i would do:

rig the pipe and move this as my character is moving.
combine the goggle mesh with my character mesh
I dont know what i'd do with the pot, probably try to find a way to use rigrid body on the pot and the mesh, but i wouldn't know how to keep it in the air without it falling out. Another sulotion (worst case) is to combine that pot mesh to my character mesh too. But im not sure.

Edit: the pipe is supposed to be attached to the mouth. I just haven't done it yet since i just painted out all my skin weights. Thinking about this makes me wonder if my painted skin weights will be staying as they are even if i combine my pipe mesh with the character mesh (the one rigged)?

How would you solve this?


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have you tried to just parent the objects to the character? (goggles to the head joint...)

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