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# 1 11-12-2013 , 05:25 PM
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How to stop surface shader become shaded?

Hi all,

I've got an issue where by I'm using a texture layered node to layer up a mia x and a standard surface shader.

The Mia x is plugged through a surface shader so that I can plug it into the layered texture node.

Then I've got another surface shader with a simple 2d texture (some eyes) plugged into it. I've got this as the second layer with an alpha so that the base shader (the Mia x) shows through.

All of this works fine, I can see the base shader and the eyes sit on top fine. The problem I've got is that I want the eyes to show up when there is no light in the scene. A simple surface shader does this but it seems that as soon as it's plugged in through the layered texture node it become a normal surface. I'm assuming this is because the Layered texture assigns its own Lambert. Is there a way I can tell it to still be a surface shader?

Thanks in advance,


# 2 11-12-2013 , 06:51 PM
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Ok I figured out I just needed to unplug the standard lambert that gets set up with the layered texture and plug the layered texture into another surface shader.

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