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Applying Gradient To Net with complex UVs

Hey everyone,

I've been working on a net sculpture using a custom plugin for Maya. While I am well versed in the modeling aspect, rendering is not my strong suit. The gist of my issue is that I've been trying to figure out how to add a color gradient to the net, from outside to inside, the only problem is that the polygon mesh is incredibly complex, not only is the net 3D, but each twine is a cylinder, all with their own independent UV properties. Based on internet advising, I have been trying to use a 2d image of the gradient as a means of app[lying color to the whole thing, but obviously that isn't working. If using an image isn't the smartest way of creating a gradient, might anyone have a better idea?

I've attached a link to a portion of the poly export (The whole thing is huge) and the image of the color gradient to give you an idea.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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