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How to use textures from on Maya?

Each texture from came with a series of maps. But I don't know exactly where I need to put this maps in Maya.

Diffuse map => this is easy, in Maya it is connected to the material's color

Specular map => ?

Gloss map => ?

Normal Map => this is easy too, in Maya it is connected to the Bummped Mapping

Transparency Map =>

Height Map =>

Emissive Map =>


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I'm Tanner from GameTextures and I can definitely help you here!

So, Maya's Real Time renderer is going to be a bit different than a game engine, but it still works the same for the most part.

To begin, you *should* be using the Phong shader in Maya for our materials.

Your Diffuse map (_D.tga) goes into the Diffuse Field

Your Emissive map (_E.tga) goes into the Incandescence Field.

Your Specular map (_S.tga) goes into the Specular Color field

Your Gloss map (_G.tga) goes into the Cosine Power field)

Your Transparency map (_T.tga) goes into the Transparency Field (If it appears to be backward, you can invert it directly in maya by going to this option and selecting it: user added image

As of now, there is no way to use the Height map in Maya for real time, unfortunately.

If you need any more help you can email me at tanner [aaaat] and I can help you further!

Hope this helps!


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