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How can I bake a dynamic curve simulation?

Hi everyone,

I'm a beginner to dynamics but for my latest project I have a character with a dynamic curve/rope attached to him. All worked out quite well and I got the results I was hoping for. But now I want to render the scene and therefore need to bake the simulation. The only problem is I don't really now how or what to bake.

The rope itself is an extruded surface, connected to a curve which I made dynamic through nHair.
So now I have an Extruded Surface, a hair system, follicile, nucleus and the original curve that was made dynamic. I tried baking each of these with Edit>Keys>Bake Simulation and although the keys were created I still always had to calculate the simulation.

So my questions are: What exactly do I have to bake in order for the simulation of the rope do be keyed? Or are there any Settings I have to change?

Thanks in Advance

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Not done a great deal of this stuff but I think you need to create cache that is under the hair menu, start at frame 1 then create cache this will run your simulation and store it so you can move the time scale in real time and the rope should animate.............dave

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ah ok thanks that worked!

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time
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