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Bake Simulation Issue and Unity animation

Hi all!

I'm developing a game on unity with a team (at least trying ^^ ) and i modelled and rigged a tank and his traks in Maya.
I rigged all the trak parts with bones and using an IK Spline Handle attached to a motion path to costrain it.
It works, i can make the track moves animating the U value of the motion path. The problem come when i try to create animation for unity.

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I need to exsport a clean scene or FBX containing just animated meshes or bones. I cannot import the whole scene in unity obviosly cause it doesn't recognize the rig. So i started making the animation and then i tried to bake the animation on the bones and meshes but that's the problem.

The trak meshes has no value in the channel box (no information about rotation and traslation, just 0 as costant value) and the bones just has rotation, cause are rigged and attached to the motion path with the IK handle. So obviosly if i bake the animation on the meshes and delete the rig, then i just have no animation on the keys cause there is just 0 as value of rotation and traslation. And if i bake the bones i just got rotation so deleting the rig they doesn't works anymore.

So the point is: how the hell do i export a clean scene or fbx (just bones, meshes, texture, animations deformers, costrains, rig ecc) with animation for unity? Baking the traks meshes animation would be great cause i could get rid of all the rig, but as long as they have 0 values n the option box i can't bake!!!

The meshes moves in the space so i hope there is a way to found and save theyr animation and bake it on the keyframes to export it in unity.

Pls help user added image

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