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UV Mapping - Cylindrical Mapping Problem

Hi guys!

My problem is probably going to be really easy to solve but I've tried a few things and I can't work it out, and also googled help for more than an hour, haha.

I've been trying to UV map this model (images attached to post), and I tried cylindrical mapping the sides, but nope, doesn't work and the UV appeared all overlapped. Then I tried planar mapping the top, bottom, and each side, and that worked but when I export it into Mudbox, it says that the mesh isn't complete.

Could someone explain to me why cylindrical mapping isn't working? :S

Thanks for your help user added image

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This happens when the axis of the "mapping cylinder" is not aligned with the axis of the cylindrical shaped object that you are trying to map.

In the sequence below I selected only the side faces and then hit "Cylindrical Mapping".
One can clearly see the two are not aligned.
On the one end you will see a red T. Click that and that will give you access to the transformation manipulators of the mapping cylinder.
By default you get the "move manipulater". Hit the blue circle and you get access to the rotate manipulator.
Rotate until it aligns.

But there is also an easier way. If you have construction history enable, just go into the inputs of the polyCylProj and change the rotation values.

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Thank you so much! user added image

Going through all the models I remember changing (thought it did something else at the time), and fixing them.

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