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Model Elements?

Hay folks. I'm making a rough transition from Max to Maya.

I sent over a model from Max, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to move elements of my model (for example, the model has sunglasses that are a separate object). In Max, I could select my model, and then go into "Element" mode and freely move or edit separate elements of my model.

There's gotta be a way to do it in Maya too, right? Or would I need to detatch my elements in Max and send it back over?

I'm so lost hehe.

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Oh dear Maya gods if you could only rain a nickle down on me everytime I saw the phrase - "I can do xxx in program yyy there must surely be a way to do the exact same thing in Maya, right?"

In all honesty I read your wuestion several times and it is not clear to me what you are asking.

1. I assume you have exported a model from max but you don't say in what format - obj, fbx, ...

2. You have imported it into maya? I am sure from reading your question.

My next statement will no doubt sound as strange to you as your description of max elements sounded to me.

Maya does have a way to group objects, you can also combine objects, you can also create named sets of objects and components, and you can create partitions consisting of a hierarchies of sets.

Maybe shoot some screen shots of what you are trying to do in max, explain how you are exporting your model, and show us the issue you are having in maya with some more screen shots.

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My guessed solution, without knowing the details, would be to do:
1) Mesh > Separate
2) Click on the sunglasses and use the move tool to move it.

The problem is likely with how the different objects are being imported.

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Thank you very much, this is just what I was looking for!

Now, should I leave all my elements separated like this? I plan to be rigging this model.

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