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Triangular faces problem

I'm modeling a hemisphere and to close off the bottom face, I extruded and collapsed the edges which resulted in triangular faces. Now I can't insert an edge loop because as far as I know that requires faces to be quads. How can I change them? (Quadrangulate doesn't seem to do the trick)

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Lots of ways to resolve this. The easiest would be...

1. pick the one vertex in the center
2. hold shift-key and the right mouse button. A menu will pop up. pick "chamfer vertex"

This will create a single ngon at the center and create quads out to the outside edge. You can then easily add edge loops and collapse the center ngon when you are done (or divide it up into quads if that is your thing.


1. pick the center vertex
2. hold the control-key and the right mouse button. A different menu will pop up. This time select "to edges" and all the radial edage will be selected
3. hold the shift-key and right mouse and select "delete edges"

Now you have one big ngon on the bottom

4. now you can use "extrude face" and scale inward to create edge loops from the outside in.

and there are lots more ways but one of those two should get you where you want to be.

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Thanks a lot!

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Another good one that doesn't involve an n-gon (which needs dividing after), is the Offset Edge Loop Tool. Click on one of the outside edges (the ones that form 90 degree bend) and drag left, which will create one edge loop on either side. Then you can scale the bottom one in, and delete the top one if you like.

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