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Cannot permanently set the pivot of my group!

Hey guys, I have only been using Maya for about a year and I've run into a nuisance.

I have modelled a robotic 'iron-man' hand and I wish to animate it by rotating the finger segments at the joints, so like grouped objects with an adjusted pivot.

The problem is that at some point or another the pivot rotations have been slightly offset, so when I try to bend the fingers, they don't rotate along their axes and it's really slowing me down.

I have to Edit Pivot each time I'd like to adjust the pivot, and the moment I deselect the group, the pivot resets its rotation back to the offset rotation.

I've included the Maya file here if you guys could kindly have a look:

I am a student and my deadline is later this week, please if you guys could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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