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Transferring UVs or a rig

Hi everyone I'm hoping I can get some help with a particular problem:

I have two versions of the same model, one is rigged with the UVs unwrapped and one is UV'd and texture mapped without a rig. What I'd like to do is combine these two into one model with a rig and UVs either by transferring the rig to the textured model or transferring the UV map to the rigged model.

I have tried two methods. Transferring the UV map using this method: which doesn't appear to do anything. I go through all the steps, select the original object assigned to the rigged model and when I do Transfer attributes nothing happens. I've tried this method on an earlier unrigged version of the model and it works fine so I know I'm doing everything correctly but when I try it on the rigged version there's just no result.

The second method I've tried is to export the skin weights, delete the rigged skin, bind the rig to the UV'd model and import the skin weights. Where I run into trouble is when I attempt to bind the rig to the Uv'd model, I get an error message saying that the rig was bound at a different pose and to go to "bindPose" to attach new skins. I'm thinking this is something like a key frame the rigger created when she started the rigging process but I'm to newb to know for sure or how to go to it. I've asked the rigger but she hasn't gotten back to me yet and I need to get this done asap.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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Did you modify the model in any way? Try selecting a vertex on one model, and then selecting the same vertex on the other model. Look at the title bar of Maya. You should see something like Maya ... - objectName.vtx[numberHere]. Is numberHere the same on both objects for the same vertex?

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