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Adding controls to an auto-rigged character

Hello Maya experts!!
First time user to the forum so please excuse me if I ask a dumb question. I'm rigging a teddy bear for a varsity short film project and I need some help with the controls. I'm using the new Maya 16 extention2 and have made use of the auto-rigging in it. it is working beautifully except now I need to add a main control to the middle of the teddy that will be constrained to my characters hand so he can pick it up. when I do this manually the mesh suddenly jumps in scale and the bones don't...

I've also gone back to an older version before I bond the skin to the bones to try and add the control here and the scale of the mesh does not change but the bones do not stay a relative distance to the control and instead move at a different rate to the control... HELP!

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