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Using Illustrator for textures

Has anyone done this for more complex shapes? I attached an image of the texture I am about to create.

Two things;

1. I am not using the photo as the texture because there are highlights and reflections I do not want baked into the texture.
2. I was going to just paint this all in PS (would be pretty quick using the photo as a backdrop), but was thinking of making it in Illustrator too.

So the question is. If it was you, would you just paint the texture in PS or create it using Illustrator to have the Vector format saved? It's easier to reduce or increase texture resolution using vectors, but far more time consuming.

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We use Illustrator for all are texture work as it is mostly Text and logos on "White Goods". We then bring them in to Photoshop on top of the UV map. This allows us to have them at any size and therefore if they look too small or not high rez enough we can always upscale them with out lose. I find that it does not take long at all now I am used to the work flow and the result is 100% better - But is what I would choice. There is nothing wrong with Photoshop textures, and is sometimes a lot quicker.

Sorry cant quote you on the logo as it is not showing up.

Another solution would be a program like Vector Magic. If the image is good enough its like instant vectors - if not it provides a great starting point for you to tweak.

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Thanks tweety. I was thinking of doing it Illustrator for the exact reason of keeping the resolution and the ability to lower/raise without loosing the quality. Sorry, I wasn't able to upload the file before was trying to do it from my phone and the image was huge. I attached it with this reply though.

So, as you can see it's quite complex and illustrator would be great to keep the vector format, but doing this by hand seems like it would take a very very long time...compared to PS painting. I don't mind the duration as long as I am doing it the right way. I haven't done a texture with this many elements in it before, so not 100% sure which is the best solution.

Thanks again.

Side note: There aren't many repeating elements for the flowers. There are 1 or two, but it's pretty much different all the way around

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