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Bones not showing up. Any ideas?

Heya. I've been using Maya now for almost 10 years and this is the first time I've ever encountered a problem like this.

I was told to edit a few pre-rigged avatars and everything seems ok, except I can't see the skeletons on any of the avatars. They exist in the outliner and the rotations all seem to be correct, but they cannot be selected in the viewport at all.

For a couple of days I worked blindly with the rigs and I got my work done on time and all was good... Now no skeleton will show up in Maya at all. Rigs that previously showed skeletons have no visible skeletons in the viewport. Nothing is on a layer.

Edit: it seems I can open a few of my older FBX files and view their skeletons, and I am capable of creating bones by hand

Does anyone know a reason my bones aren't showing up anymore?

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