Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
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Ideas for next SM challenge?

What do you guys think should be the topic for the next challenge? Post your ideas here user added image

Some ideas:
1) self portrait 3d cartoon version
2) pinky & the brain archetype characters
3) elemental creature/character

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I'm keen to the self portrait idea. that sounds like a doo-sie.
but how about even more of a challange..

Make a cartoon self portrait of yourself But flip the gender.
GUYS to GIRLS GIRLS to GUYS DOGS to CATS (LOL) and so on....
this would really be a challange and also be very interesting.

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There was already a self portrait challenge user added image

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What about doing THAT,
and send the best work to that thing there? user added image

Add me please
(I want to improve both english AND 3d skills)
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Model a monkey, god i love monkey's

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I think something particle-y or, explosions, waterfalls, rapids, a fountain, etc.

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Maybe a challenge where we are to incorperate several items into an animation. We would have to make a quick model, a quick scene, include some neat particle effect(s), include some dynamic effects, and obviously animate it all; a little of everything. You will be judged on your creativeness to use each effect in your animation mainly. The trick will be to make it all fit together just right so it looks like it's all supposed to go together.

With all of these things in one animation, it would be sort of dificult to keep the animation short, so I don't know if this is such a good idea. I was thinking maybe 20-30 seconds of animation. I don't know how everyone else feels about downloading files this size, especially us 56k'ers, but I'm all for downloading movies of stuff if it's from SM and is interesting to watch. lol

I'm willing to host a *few* movies on my website. Also, I don't think I'll feel like uploading the same movie from the same person more than twice a week unless there is SIGNIFICANT improvements that must be seen.

Anyway, that's my little idea.

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the only problem I can see with that is even with a short 10-15 sec animation challenge we've got going on now, not many people are seemingly able to finish.

# 9 29-10-2003 , 01:57 AM
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How about an abstract art challenge? Something made out of rings or balls or something that really catches the eye. You know.. the stuff a lot of us use for our desktop backgrounds.. well at least i do. I just dont know how many people here are familiar in that field. Just an idea.

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do you mean like this? user added image

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Hey yeah. I like that idea. Making weird stuff like that is always fun because it can always go in so many directions that can always reflect the personality of the creator.

Good idea!

# 12 29-10-2003 , 03:47 AM
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That is true Darkware..Alot of photoshop will be used though, for compositing and such..I mean we would still use Maya and all, but it would be half and half, unless the rules say only Maya..

As for the self portrait, but other personality, i think that would be hilarious..Though its hard to picture myself being another gender hehe..

Anyway, this months challenge is almost done and I agree with Mike with people not being able to finish..I think MAYBE because not everyone has yet reached a level where they will be able to do such animation with sounds, hell i cant even do blendshapes. Though the challenge does encourage people to just get into it and learn it, some probably got overwhelmed..

Hmmm still thinking of other ideas...

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abstract WITH PS!!

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Now open!!
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Some ideas:
1) self portrait 3d cartoon version
2) pinky & the brain archetype characters
3) elemental creature/character

1 and 3 have both been done already. How about someone filming something and then everyone is given the same footage and then we have free reign. People can then be judged on idea, execution, comping etc. So adding CG elements to real footage. Would be a good test of people's photoreal abilities (Although the stuff wouldnt have to be photoreal.)

Or even a matrix themed competition seeing as it's out next month?


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