View Poll Results: What do you want to see as our next challenge?
Villain 8 36.36%
Future Product 3 13.64%
Spaceship 6 27.27%
Interior Shot 5 22.73%
Voters: 22. You may not vote on this poll

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# 1 26-01-2009 , 07:56 AM
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SM Community Challenge

Hey Guys,

As you may know theres been a bit of a rumble about creating a new challenge made by the community as its been a while since the last one.

Please vote to have the topic for the challenge, After a week (well too sunday night 1st feb) I'll get the results and the then post up the winner in the challenge forum for you guys to start on.

Unfortunatly theres no prizes for the winners, just the glory of completing it and possible a model for your demo reel.

If anyone's got a better Idea for the topic shout it out and if theres a concensus for it then we'll go for that, otherwise its going to be from the list.

The topics are,

Villian - Create a bad guy, he/she/it can be anything as long as its mean and bad! Mobster squid, mutant evil business man etc etc go for it.

Future Product - Take an everyday item and then make it look like its 100 years into the future, what you you reckon your telephone, TV's, remote control, going to look like?

Spaceship - As the title suggests.

Interior shot - Again as the title suggests, any interior, from a comfey lounge to a dirty dank dungeon.

If this clashes with any mod's and they take it upon themselves to start up a challenge go for it.



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# 2 26-01-2009 , 09:04 AM
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my vote's on an interior shot, it's something i could partake in and as far as im concerned you see way to much of the others in CG lately...user added image

# 3 26-01-2009 , 10:11 AM
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I`m still up for my villain idea.

Just been over at cgtalk and the wip is full of spidermen, ironman batman and wolverine threads and heroic looking good guys

I want villains god dame it - they r cooler

# 4 26-01-2009 , 05:34 PM
# 5 26-01-2009 , 07:15 PM
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interior user added image

A great mod for Jedi academy

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# 6 26-01-2009 , 08:18 PM
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spaceship for me!

i think its an easy topic and we could have some excellent results in the short time for the comp.

It would be great to have lots of finished entries from people of all abilities. i sometimes find it hard to finish these comps with all hte other stuff we have to juggle in life... plus it will be fun!

# 7 26-01-2009 , 09:55 PM
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I'll speak to dave and get one organised


# 8 26-01-2009 , 11:31 PM
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# 9 27-01-2009 , 11:42 AM
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I just got Maya back on my system and feel in the mood for a challenge to get me into it.

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# 10 27-01-2009 , 04:44 PM
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I think the winner sets up the next challenge as the prize - setting up a poll of 4 posable comps and we vote again.

I love the fact villains is winning right now hehe

# 11 27-01-2009 , 06:53 PM
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yeah - good idea tweetytunes.

i'd like to to do either a villain or spaceship, but picked spaceship just to even it out a little. user added image

# 12 27-01-2009 , 08:24 PM
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you're such a diviant arran :p

i think i could thnk up anything for all of them other than the future product

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

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# 13 27-01-2009 , 09:12 PM
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i came up with a good idea for the future products one on the way home from work user added image
I think i might do it anyway... i have a couple of shots that i've tracked but haven't got a clue what to put in them yet.
the shot is a pan across the corner of a metal table in a proffessional style kitchen and finishes pointing at the foot of a door. the other is a shot of liverpool street in london.

# 14 27-01-2009 , 09:28 PM
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future product was my second choice......
villain sounds to fun..

# 15 27-01-2009 , 10:22 PM
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Reading over the options again it came to me that we are missing a few details - and I think these should be answered now instead of after.

1) Time limit
2) What type of comp Modellering or Modellering and textureing.

I think as a community we should set these for the challenge

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