Digital humans the art of the digital double
Ever wanted to know how digital doubles are created in the movie industry? This course will give you an insight into how it's done.
# 16 01-06-2003 , 05:56 AM
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btw, that image for the tut, PREATY! I want one of those!

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# 17 08-08-2003 , 06:58 PM
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# 18 08-08-2003 , 07:15 PM
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That's a great image, is that a snow vehicle thingy inside a tracked wheel? Saw something vaguely similar on CG Talk. Is he doing a tut on how to make that? Many parts later!

# 19 08-08-2003 , 08:16 PM
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Cool kev. I will be one of the first to sign up. I do know a bit about max, but I dont think I will be able to be a very active member over there. You just put another load on your shoulders man.

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# 20 10-08-2003 , 09:59 PM
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Any idea when simplymax/simply3dmax will be up?

# 21 12-08-2003 , 11:12 AM
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Sorry if I am annoy (sp?) you, I just love the idea of simplymax, hopefully it would be up soon

# 22 13-08-2003 , 11:31 PM
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OOh its all looking very cool kevin.. i know a few 3ds max lovers.. ill let them know of its existence user added image

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# 23 14-08-2003 , 08:07 AM
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Originally posted by ilkerarslan

Sorry if I am annoy (sp?) you, I just love the idea of simplymax, hopefully it would be up soon

Its done mate - all we are waiting on is some free tuts to be added to the free section

# 24 14-08-2003 , 08:26 AM
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Looking verrry cool Kevin user added image

I can think that this site will be some bigger than SM user added image (the total users) Because, if I look to the 3D-scene here in Holland, 3DsMax is more used than Maya. And also tutorials, support, etc. Just more than Maya.

But... I'll stick to maya, no mather what user added image

# 25 15-08-2003 , 12:05 AM
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Sorry about that kevin,
I think I sounded harsh there, cant wait to buy vip point user added image

# 26 15-08-2003 , 12:33 AM
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origanlly posted by Emo

so you bought Max too?? can I ask why if you like Maya?

Why Not Emo?

I own Legally

Truespace 5.5
lightwave 7.5
3Dmax 5 with subscription (soon 6 for free)
Maya 5.0 Unl
Motion Builder 5 from kaydara

Damn I am Spoiled user added image

I started with trueSpace then went to Lightwave got from ebay legit for $900.00 it was ok. But got a chance buy max 5 with subscription for $1900.00 comm version (competitive upgrade price) . But I got maya unl on thier oscar special for about $4900.00:bgreen:

And Motion builder well Emo for $200.00 was cheap.

If you look at it I got theem all for less than the regular price of Maya Unl.user added image

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# 27 15-08-2003 , 09:37 PM
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3d Max also seems to be the most used 3d application here in Denmark... which I find very strange, to me Maya seems much easier... I have several times tried to start learning 3d Max, but it seems pretty arkward in some ways... were I find Maya much more user friendly and intuitive... user added image

I have just started on a 3d Max course, and when I was calling in to order a study version of 3d Max, I was told that for 1 maya user in Denmark, there was about 4 or 5 3D Max users... I hope this will change in the future... user added image

lucking forward to see the 3D max forum in action thou... I'm quite currious and might learn some more, just like I have learned a lot about Maya by using Simplymaya... user added image



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# 28 01-09-2003 , 04:55 AM
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Hey guys! user added image

I've been doing a lot of thinking about Maya and Max and I'm starting to feel a yearning to get into Max. Sounds like sacrilege, I know, but it's really a matter of finances and plus there's a larger userbase for Max than Maya. BTW, is SimplyMax/ up and running yet and if so, how do I access it? Having trouble on my end here. Thanks guys! You're all mates in my book! user added image :bow: :headbang: :thumbsup:


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# 29 01-09-2003 , 05:01 AM
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I don't think it's up yet.

# 30 03-09-2003 , 10:15 PM
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I actually like the semi-smallness of the SM community... I know or at least am familiar with everyone. (or at least all of the, well, maybe 100 largely participating members)

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