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Maya 2017 UV editor move tool not working

After making an object, projecting a textured shader on it and going into the UV editor.......I can rotate the UVs, scale them too ( pressing "R" or "E" keys) but when I go to try to move a selected UV or group of UVs only the manipulator handle moves - it does not take the UV with it. And after that failure, the UVs are locked and can no longer be moved by scale or rotate. This is on a per object basis. Meaning I can create another object and the UV editor will , again, allow scale and rotate but not move. Once I try to move that object's UVs, they become locked as well. I have no clue what is going on. I have been in Maya for version 8, 2013 and 2014 so this should be pretty simple stuff I have done millions of times over 15 years. Is there another tool to use? I can "move" UVs with ? the "move UVs along a shell" works and so does the smear UV tool. And once I select and use either of those ( I just discovered) the UVs that were previously locked can now rotate and scale again. Is this just a 2017 way to move UVs instead of the "W" key? If that's the case how can I change the brush size to select a smaller area ( like a single uv). Except after smearing , if I try to rotate or scale the smear I just did resets like it never happened. Help

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