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# 1 08-10-2021 , 01:03 PM
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how to fix shading after Vertex chamfer

hello am new here and also new to Maya just switched from blender

i am trying to create edge cracks on cube the way i do it just beveled the vertex then i move one back this method cause bad shade on the object the way we solve this in blender we just adjust the angle of normal can any one help me how to fix this in Maya thank you

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# 2 08-10-2021 , 02:39 PM
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OK i solve it with two way the 1st is to harden edges the 2nd way is to support the edges i just beveled them all

is there any option in Maya to control the shading smooth by angel's i mean if the angle bigger then 45 degree no smoothing apply

thanx anyway i like the forum a lot of information here thank you for sharing your experience I appreciate and respect that of course

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thank you for sharing the solution you came up with, and welcome to the forum

with luck it will help out some other people

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