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# 1 28-07-2005 , 12:35 PM

Refrence Image problem

For some reason i cant get some of my refrence images to show up. They show up in perspectve view but not the rest. I have tried pressing "6" but that didnt work either.

Here is a screen shot- please help.

user added image

# 2 28-07-2005 , 02:40 PM
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press 6? what graphics card are u using?

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# 3 28-07-2005 , 03:34 PM
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You will need to hit the '6' key in each view. I guess you only pressed the '6' key while in the prespective view.

# 4 28-07-2005 , 05:11 PM
nope, i tried it and it only comes up a blank white

# 5 28-07-2005 , 06:38 PM
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it might be a problem with your graphics card, a friend of mine has the same problem, what is your card?

# 6 28-07-2005 , 07:35 PM
I think I've seen someone with this problem......try selecting the blinn...go into the file node for that blinn/lambert or whatever you used and reload the picture for each of the planes...the problem *should* be solved..hopefully that worked

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