Beer glass scene creation
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# 1 13-02-2007 , 01:55 AM
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What's your favorite alcoholic drink? (minors beware)

I'm assuming (since I'm from the USA - and the legal age there is 21), that the opinions from here on are shared from those persons of legal age (in their respective country).

So whether you go to the bar and money is no object, or you feel that you're kind of spent at the moment, what would you order? (i must most DEFINITELY add that if you're of an illegal age you may be held responsible for what your response is.)

Accept no substitutions.
# 2 13-02-2007 , 03:21 AM
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does apple cider count?

# 3 13-02-2007 , 04:10 AM
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My current fav is something called a "Petrol"

A shot of Absinthe and shot of Black Sambuca (In the same glass) user added image

# 4 13-02-2007 , 05:23 AM
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Well Tubby - that's one of the two things I've heard of that can make you blind !!!

# 5 13-02-2007 , 08:44 AM
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beer for me molson canadian is my fav.user added image

absinthe is illegal here

# 6 13-02-2007 , 09:07 PM
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2 shots Souther Comfort, followed by a tumbler of Jack daniels on the rocks, Chased with a 36 oz long island iced tea, made to my specs ( 6 oz Jack daniels, 6 oz Bacardi 6 oz, Yeighermeighster..or how ever the hell its spelled, 6 oz Southern Comfort 3 oz coke, and 3 oz of what ever the bar has left to toss in that goes well), AFter that another fifth of Soco..i love the stuff, and to finish it off, PRobably Some Buttery take a gues as to which kind i mean ;D
By the by, were i in a country where its legal, i'd take some ABsinth too, just to see if its the rage i hear it is..
and this crap David told me about i cant rmember what its called, but aparently it kicks like crude oil and tastes like black liqorisch
hey you said money was no option!

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# 7 13-02-2007 , 10:35 PM
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acid: pretty sure absinthe is illegal in all of north america (but i have yet to ask mexico... hehe)

legend: damn man you're right up my alley! LOVE the j├Ągermeister (that's the proper spelling, check the site!) and the long islands...

as far as beer goes, i have found myself to be a beer pong addict, so my favorite beers are either natty light (natural light) or milwaukee's best (sponsor of the World Series of Poker here in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada! user added image)

otherwise, i prefer either mike's hard cranberry lemonade or woodchuck regular (hard cider, so yea i guess apple cider counts user added image)

Accept no substitutions.
# 8 13-02-2007 , 11:04 PM
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I have tried a bunch of drinks, but i have never liked any of them. i guess ill stick with pop.


tastes like black liqorisch

i think you are thinking of shnobste or however you spell schnobst.

Do what you like, like what you do.
# 9 14-02-2007 , 10:01 AM
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Same, I have tried a lot of different drinks and none really compel me to drink more. And tried for too long to like beer that now I just refuse it :p Vodka I guess would be my drink of choice mixed with juice or whatever. But if that makes me sound soft then I'll just say that I can drink a lot of the hard stuff straight without too much of a hickup :p

# 10 14-02-2007 , 10:11 AM
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Jepp J├Ągermeister is the German spelling for the drink

it's cool user added image

i like a good glass of red wine the most user added image

# 11 14-02-2007 , 11:42 AM
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Beer, just beer! And maybe a nice red wine.

Had a bottle of absinth, not all in one of course, you can get it in some tesco's (supermarket) here, tastes like pernod on speed (68% Vol), the problem is if you have a drink of water in the morning you can taste it like youve just had a shot!

"No pressure, no diamonds" Thomas Carlyle
# 12 14-02-2007 , 12:28 PM
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My favorite Liquor: Jameson
My favorite beer: Guinness Draught
And I do like Baileys with a little ice but thats just for the "taking it easy" nights

# 13 15-02-2007 , 12:52 PM
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user added image My favorite beer is "VB":p

# 14 15-02-2007 , 04:46 PM
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glad to see you've made your first post, welcome to the forums, but what in the world is vb?

Accept no substitutions.
# 15 15-02-2007 , 08:33 PM
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mate vb is an Australian beer

vb stands for "victoria bitter"

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